Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hooter's Beach

Paintout today was the beach in front of Hooter's.  All I saw when I sat down to paint was the sky.  Fort Myers doesn't have many cloudy skies.  But we have big skies.  So my painting is a painting of the sky.  Watercolor paints itself.  I wet the paper except where I wanted the whitest cloud.  That sky was finished in five minutes.  Our Fort Myers Beach sand is white.  I usually paint it yellow, pink and blue.  But today I left it white.
Watercolor  13X10

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Paint-Out of the Season

Three different scenes were attempted by me last Wednesday when the FMBAA outdoor paint group got together at Joann Shamp's.  None of the three were successful.  This painting was lopsided.  I had painted the water, the sky and the buildings and a few sea grass.  It just needed something on the right.  So I painted in the boat and the man pulling it to shore and added more grass.  With watercolor, I have to scrub out where the man and the boat go.  I draw it in, tape around with masking tape and use a toothbrush to remove the color.
Watercolor  12X8

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I used a different masa paper to paint the armadillo.  When I put the wax on to define the texture of the armadillo armor, it spread and made a bigger spot than I intended.  So he is an artistic armadillo.
Batik  12X9